Bad Dino

Bad Dino is an “urban field recording,” a musical compilation featuring 15 home-grown children’s songs performed by over 25 musical creatives from the diverse neighborhoods of Austin Texas.

Author/kid expert/grandmother Barbara Wilson-Clay wrote the song lyrics, and Jane Gillman is the composer and producer.

Each song features a style of American traditional music and one or two instruments – from hammered dulcimer to bowed psaltery to the usual suspects (fiddle, banjo, etc).This collection of simple, catchy songs from the perspective of the child inspires young listeners to tune into the words and the rhythm, get curious about instruments, move and sing.

Here’s a little sample of stations playing our Austin compilation:

  • WRIU Providence RI Bill Parker Children’s Music
  • KZMU Moab Utah Richard Schwartz Amarillo Highway
  • World Music Sounds Alessandria Italy Massimo Ferro
  • KVMR Nevada City CA Ruby Slippers
  • KDVS Davis CA Saturday am Folk Show
  • KXCI Tucson AZ Neutral Ground Betsi Meissner
  • Remo Ricaldone Happy Trails Turin Italy
  • RadioGirl’s Mixtape podcast Johanna Bodie Veendam, the Netherlands
  • John Aielli Eklektikos KUTX Austin
  • Gerry Goodfriend CKUT Montreal Folk Directions
  • KTRU Houston Chickenskin



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