Blood Red Moon

Artist: Barbara Bergin

Writer: Barbara Bergin

Engineer: Merel Bregante

Barbara Bergin is an orthopedic surgeon, novelist, equestrienne, and now a musical storyteller. “Blood Red Moon” is the title track of her debut album, a collection of earthy vignettes, tales of characters past and present.

Bad Girl

Artist: Alice Evans and the 11’s

Writer: Alice Evans

Co-production with Max Keane

Engineer: Cris Burns

Alice Evans is a singer and writer of catchy hooky tunes and a yoga instructor. See if you can find her in “10 Things I Hate About You” (she’s the Perky Girl).

The Gift

Artist: Timeca Seretti

Writers: Timeca Seretti, Tanya Winch

Engineer: Eddie Hobizal

Timeca Seretti is a self-described: Blacktress in the first degree. Singer of great songs. Writer of stories untold. “The Gift” was featured in a short film she directed by the same name.

Bonsoir Moreau

Artist: Rue La-La

Writer: Canray Fotentot

Co-production with Rue La-La

Engineer: Merel Bregante

Rue La-la is only Cajun band I know of that had neither fiddle nor accordion…but still sounded Cajun.

I Love Taxicabs at Night

Artist: Jane Gillman

Writer: Jane Gillman

Co-production with Merel Bregante

Engineers: Merel Bregante, Mark Hallman

The mountain dulcimer goes uptown, from my 2011 release Piscean Dreams. The fiddle tune at the end is Chinquapin Hunting. That’s Merel Bregante on the Appalachia meets Mideast percussion.

Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportee)

Austin-based folk duo, Hardened and Tempered, reprises Woody Guthrie’s protest of the 1948 tragedy.

Artist: Hardened and Tempered

Writers: Woody Guthrie/Martin Hoffman

Engineers: Cris Burns/Andrea Perry/Mark Hallman

Look Away

Sometimes less is more – as is the case for Austin songwriter Charlie Sanders’ stark commentary.

Vocalist: Carolyn Phillips

Writer: Charlie Sanders

Engineer: Cris Burns

Children’s music

Bad Dino

Artist: PrettySing Collective

Writers: Barbara Wilson Clay /Jane Gillman/ Ellie Aldrich

Engineers: Mark Viator, Mark Hallman

My friend Barbara Wilson Clay invited me to put music to and produce her clever, joyful songs for children. Bad Dino is the title track. The less-is-more production approach was inspired by the classic American Folk Songs for Children by Mike and Peggy Seeger. More info at


Artist: PrettySing Collective

Writers: Barbara Wilson Clay/Jane Gillman

Engineers: Mark Viator, Mark Hallman

One more from Bad Dino.


These songs are part of a collection that was commissioned by KinderCare Learning Centers for their Learning Adventures Music Explorers Program

Engineer: Cris Burns

Big Band: The Hand Washing Song

Writers: Jane Gillman/Barbara Wilson Clay

Big Band Arrangement: John Mills

Ghanaian inspired sing-along: I am a Jewel

Writer: Jane Gillman

Translator (Twi): Kwame D’Almeida

Folk: In the Springtime

Writers: Jane Gillman/Barbara Wilson Clay

Old time country: Goats and Sheep

Writers: Jane Gillman/Barbara Wilson Clay

Hawaiian Hula: Ope’ Ape’ A

Writer: Jane Gillman