One-on-one and Group music instruction by Jane Gillman


Jane’s personal mission is to inspire people of all ages and stages of life to explore and express the power of their individual voices through creativity, play, and collaboration. Gift certificates are available!

Are you picking up an instrument for the first time? Re-uniting with a long lost instrument? Taking your musicianship to the next level?

Jane offers one-on-one instruction on:

  • Guitar
  • Harmonica
  • Mountain Dulcimer
  • Hammered Dulcimer
  • Mandolin
  • Ukulele
  • Songwriting
  • Recording in GarageBand Software for Macs and iPads

“Music is hard …it helps me to work with an extraordinary talent who believes in music so much!”
Charlie S

Listen to instrument samples below:

What will you learn?

  • The songs you love
  • Posture and technique
  • Dynamics, timing and groove
  • The fundamentals of theory
  • The art of melodic playing
  • How to overcome your self-critic and discover your unique style

“Jane Gillman is wonderfully attuned to her students’ proficiency ability level and is extremely patient and supportive and encouraging.”
Kit B

“Jane has the perfect combination of patience, enthusiasm, motivation, and skill. She has a great ear for arranging tunes and a knack for identifying the best songs for your skill level. She plays and teaches a variety of instruments and musical genres. Beginners will appreciate her kind, encouraging style, and more advanced players will benefit from her knowledge of special tunings, interesting techniques, and unique arrangements.”
Kate B


teaching Laura

“It’s a privilege to be Jane’s student. She’s a brilliant musician and a gifted teacher—a rare combination. She uses every bit of her extensive musical knowledge to make her students better in every regard—as musicians, as performers, as people. We who study with her are lucky, indeed.”
Margaret M

iPad Gband

“Jane is the first music instructor I’ve had that made me feel at ease when confronted with my lack of natural musical ability. She celebrates small successes and thoughtfully presents new challenges. Her teaching style comes across as intuitive, rather than theoretical, and it’s there that music (and miracles) are made.”
Sarah M

Jane teaching

“Jane Gillman has extensive knowledge and experience in music, and is able to break down concepts in an easy to understand and supportive way. In a few months I went from a complete beginner to being able to hear a song on the radio, look up the chords and be able to play it.”
Michelle N

instruments - vertical crop