I’m With the Band

Music is one of the oldest and most powerful communication tools known to humankind. Song and rhythm lift the human spirit, inspiring collaboration, imagination, and inclusivity.

I’m With the Band is a dynamic team building experience that leads small groups through the unique challenges of communal music making, guiding each participant toward the discovery of his/her impact on the group, as well as the impact of the group on the individual. No previous musical experience is necessary.

This two to three hour magical experience encourages:

  • bonding and team building
  • risk taking
  • breaking the barriers of fear and anxiety
  • mind/body awareness
  • communication and listening
  • finding a communal rhythm

Here’s how it works:

Prior to the event –

1) Groups select a song from the I’m With the Band song list

2) Each member selects one instrument from the list of available instruments (including voice)


  • Singer (at least 1, background singers are encouraged)
  • Acoustic guitars (3)
  • Electric guitar (1)
  • Electric bass (1)
  • Ukulele (2)
  • Keyboard (1)
  • Mandolin (1)

Instruments are provided by the facilitator; no experience is necessary on your instrument!

Group members are permitted to bring their own instruments of choice with prior permission of the facilitator.

3) The Group communicates song and instrument selections to the facilitator.

During the event (times are approximate):

  • Introductions, warm ups and personal reflection time/journaling (15 min)
  • Introduction to rhythm using percussion instruments (10 min)
  • Listening to a recorded version of the song; demo of individual parts (10 min)
  • Individual instruction on each instrument (30 min)
  • Personal Reflection time/journaling/practicing your part (30 min)
  • Section rehearsals – breaking into small groups and trying out your parts (20 min)
  • Putting it all together, playing as a band (30 min)
  • Group reflection (15 min)

Jane Gillman is a longtime musician, recording artist, musical director, teacher and Austinite with a background in marketing and business development.  She lives and loves Texas music – so joyful and integral to our local culture – and plays and teaches 10 instruments. I’m With the Band invites you to experience first hand the “live music capital of the world.”