A Climate Change Fable

As a tribute to the Miller House in San Miguel de Allende, and the phenomenal art Joe and Pat Miller created while they lived there, the current (11/2022) occupants of the house and I created a short film – a 2-minute climate change fable.
The story line:
As fire begins to engulf life as we know it on earth, three animals who have lost their way cross paths. Together they discover a memorial collection of creatures that once roamed the planet. One by one, each of the 3 animals comes across its own still-life replica, and in that moment, is replaced by it.

Conceived and Directed by Jane Gillman and the House of Dreams
Cinematography/Lighting/Editing: Fernanda Mosqueda and Tyler Smith
Mother Nature: Maria Paz Marambio
Bird: Jane Gillman
Bull: Edwin Alexander
Giraffe: Karen Doepke
Mask Design and Creation: Jenipher Young-Hall and Karen Doepke
Musical Composition and Found Sounds: Jane Gillman
Art: Joe Miller

Jane Gillman: banjo. guitar
Roberto Riggio: violin, harmonium
Jason McKenzie: tabla
Mark Hallman: tampura, mixing engineer