About Jane Gillman

Jane Gillman was born in Washington DC, where the muddy waters of the Potomac flow and the political winds blow – a crossroads between the marble front steps of the U.S Capitol and the misty foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

Jane was raised by a writer mother and classical pianist father, whose beautiful renditions of Brahms and Chopin floated upstairs each night, lullabies. She grew up observing the little details of life, one ear glued to the pop stations on the transistor radio she bought at a Sinclair gas station. She inherited her brother’s well worn Beatle albums, wore grooves in Bob Dylan’s strummy songs; got her first guitar at twelve, the first of many harmonicas at 14. Every summer she rode the bus downtown to soak up the musical treasures the Smithsonian brought to the steamy lawns that stretched between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial – the Cajun Balfa Brothers; harmonica hero Sonny Terry with Brownie McGhee; Bill and Charlie Monroe – a real life encyclopedia of American roots.

While still in high school Jane began performing solo at the Red Fox Inn, a club a mile from home. At 17 she moved to Austin, where she first began to perform in bands – including the highly regarded Eaglebone Whistle – and writing songs, forging her own sound. In her hands, the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo ring like a folk-rock mountain orchestra. Her intelligent lyrics entwine with her pop sensibilities and rootsy textures and hook both head and heart.

Jane has released 7 albums and has toured throughout the world as a singer/songwriter, band member, musical theatre multi-instrumentalist, Musical Director, teacher and workshop leader. Favorite creative projects include HooPeru, a video montage of Jane’s excursion to a remote Andes textile weaving village to deliver hula hoops and supplies for making them, bringing joy to the children of the community.

jane-blowinShe also co-directed a music video for her song “I Love Taxicabs at Night” with a diverse group of local artists, juxtaposing young urban dancers and traditional mountain instruments.

Jane is proud to be one of a few women Hohner harmonica endorsees.