Happy Year of the Tiger

The road has a funny way of curving back on itself. Twenty-one years after we took this photo, I happened to run into my former band buddy, Marce Lacouture, in North Georgia …and a week later we bought a house together in the Carolina mountains. One foot in Austin, one in Caroline – looking forward to firing up Jane’s Garage East, my hillside recording studio.

End of the Year Collaboration

This was an impromptu Hambidge Center collaboration between archivist/cermacist K Tauches – who found this collection of photos at the MegaThrift in Rabun County Georgia – and me, recording nearby in a small cabin at the end of a gravel road. Hoping to create more like this one.


Hambidge in December

Hunkered down at Hambidge Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia for a three-week artist residency. What a beautiful, peaceful place to create.