4th of July music

Will be playing a set of tunes with Tim Kerr and Jerry Hagins, aka Up Around the Sun, at the Delwood neighborhood 4th of July 2024 celebration…the longest-running neighborhood 4th of July party in Austin.
1414 Brentwood Rd 78722

Upstanding dulcimer

Thanks to photographer Niles Fuller for passing along this blast from the past photo…from when the buildings downtown were short and we sweated it out at Liberty Lunch.

Fire Animals/Fieras Vivaces selected for Austin Under the Stars Film Festival

Our Made in Mexico micro short film Fire Animals/Fiera Vivaces will screen at the Austin Under the Stars Indie International Film Festival Saturday October 22 at 1pm.


Meanwhile, I’m so happy to announce that Fire Animals won an an award of Excellence for Original Concept from the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival; and was a semi-finalist at the Prague Underground and Milan International Festivals.

A Climate Change Fable

As a tribute to the Miller House in San Miguel de Allende, and the phenomenal art Joe and Pat Miller created while they lived there, the current (11/2022) occupants of the house and I created a short film – a 2-minute climate change fable.
The story line:
As fire begins to engulf life as we know it on earth, three animals who have lost their way cross paths. Together they discover a memorial collection of creatures that once roamed the planet. One by one, each of the 3 animals comes across its own still-life replica, and in that moment, is replaced by it.

Conceived and Directed by Jane Gillman and the House of Dreams
Cinematography/Lighting/Editing: Fernanda Mosqueda and Tyler Smith
Mother Nature: Maria Paz Marambio
Bird: Jane Gillman
Bull: Edwin Alexander
Giraffe: Karen Doepke
Mask Design and Creation: Jenipher Young-Hall and Karen Doepke
Musical Composition and Found Sounds: Jane Gillman
Art: Joe Miller

Jane Gillman: banjo. guitar
Roberto Riggio: violin, harmonium
Jason McKenzie: tabla
Mark Hallman: tampura, mixing engineer

End of the Year Collaboration

This was an impromptu Hambidge Center collaboration between archivist/cermacist K Tauches – who found this collection of photos at the MegaThrift in Rabun County Georgia – and me, recording nearby in a small cabin at the end of a gravel road. Hoping to create more like this one.


Hambidge in December

At Hambidge Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia for a three-week artist residency. What a beautiful, peaceful place to create.